It is important to get the septic tank cleaned before the sludge level gets high enough so that any of the solid material at the bottom, or the semi-solid scum at the top can flow out into the drainage field. This will quickly clog the drainage pipes and the soil into which they drain.

Make certain there are live bacteria in your system at all times. The bacteria’s job is to digest all organic waste matter in the system. If there are no bacteria in your system it will simply act as a holding tank for your waste. It becomes full, and natural digestion will not occur. That is when the system backs up.

Bacteria are killed off or overrun because of:

  • excessive quantities of detergents, laundry waste, bleach, household chemicals, and caustic drain openers
  • garbage disposal grinds which substantially increase the accumulation of solids.
  • disposal of items not biodegradable in the system (plastics etc.)
  • disposal of excessive amounts of grease and fats, which are biodegradable but need particular types of bacteria to digest them
  • disposal of cigarette butts, sanitary napkins which are also biodegradable but are not readily decomposable
  • too many people using a smaller/inadequate or failing system

If you have no bacteria in your system and you add enzymes to the system, it simply will not help and your system will still not work. Enzymes are simply a catalyst for bacteria. If there are no bacteria in your system, why use enzymes?