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Very efficient and professional work. The septic tank was long past needing to be pumped. Mr. Sims and his son arrived when promised, located the tank within a few minutes and dug two holes slightly larger than the two lids. They then pumped out the tank and snaked the line to assure proper flow from the house. The holes were refilled with the dirt that had been dug and placed on plastic and the dirt was then tamped down.  They also gave me important information on future maintenance. I was very impressed with their service and would most definitely recommend them to anyone. – J. Chatham

Excellent. These guys are very professional and personable and explain every step. The last owners did not have this service done and since it was WAY overdue (by about 15 years), we hope we dodged a bullet. Richard and Josh explained how we can prevent a future incident but not that we’re out of the woods. Time will tell. My husband and I are totally impressed with this company. And I called this morning to schedule this service and we never expected they would come the same day! They really are super. – M. Mason

They evaluated a slow sewer line and checked the inlet and outlet at the septic tank. Determined the cause and proposed future prevention. – E. Brewington

The owner/operator arrived on time (even after I rescheduled last minute). There were no accurate records of septic tank location yet these guys found the tank in about 5 minutes. They had the tank dug up, opened, and were pumping it out within 15 minutes. These folks were very knowledgeable, gave us good tips on maintenance, offered us a less expensive service when they got into the tank, and were all around good at what they did.

This world has a lot of businesses that can talk a good line but Shamrock Septic quietly does what they do and they do it well. No one else will work on our septic system as long as Shamrock is in business.

Located septic tank, unearthed both tank ports, completely cleaned out tank and filter.

Mr. Sims and his son were professional and courteous. They were respectful of my property and took great care as not to damage anything. They showed up as promised. Did what was promised. They educated me on what I needed to know about septic systems. Could not have been any better of an experience. – M. Cook

Our property is difficult to find and there is no cell or phone service at the home. It was very important that the contractor communicate with us in advance so we could get them directions and instructions on how to get in touch with us the day of service. The contractor was great at staying in touch, arrive as expected and followed our directions to the property with no issues. The team was very knowledgeable, friendly and worked hard. The job was completed with no hassle and the site clean up was great. I would absolutely recommend them and use them in the future. – A. Porter

This world has a lot of businesses that can talk a good line but Shamrock Septic quietly does what they do and they do it well. No one else will work on our septic system as long as Shamrock is in business. – B. Mathis

Mr. Sims and his son were professional and courteous. They were respectful of my property and took great care as not to damage anything. They showed up as promised. Did what was promised. They educated me on what I needed to know about septic systems. Could not have been any better of an experience.

They were prompt, and they were honest. I would use them again. – Ken Penvose

We had suspected our septic tank was full over the weekend and today was the day it actually backed up. I had seen Shamrock listed in the phonebook as well as a billboard in town. I some how missed the review here. I called and spoke with Lynn and was told they could be out late this afternoon and it would be 465.00, if they didn’t have to do any digging it would be 365.00. I told them to come on out and I had no idea where the tank was. She said that would be no problem, that they could locate it.

Mr. Sims arrived at about 3:30pm. Right on time as far as I was concerned. After some discussion about the problem he began probing the ground and was able to locate the tank. The home is a newer home but as it turned out the tank was an older style that had been here for a mobile home (from many years ago)so it caught him thinking it would be a newer style with 2 lids on top. This older style the whole top had to come off. It was no problem for Mr. Sims, he was very knowledgeable about his business. He pumped it out and made sure there was proper flow. Since the home was newer and the flow was good, he didn’t recommend cleaning out the lines. He put the lid back on, covered the hole back up and was on his way. – P. Kelly

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Shamrock Septic Services
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Laurie Rohan
Amazing company w/fantastic employees

On June 29, 2021 we had Shamrock Septic come out for a poop pump! We bought our cabin in 2015, it was built in 2006, and were not sure if the previous 2 owners ever had it done before so we figured better safe then sorry. Seth & John came out first to locate and dig the tank up… soon after Samuel & Jacob came to pump the poop… lol Both sets of Shamrock employees were very courteous and explained everything they were doing to us! They gave us pointers on do’s and definitely do nots! They also removed the concrete lids and replaced with the risers and green domes for easier access in the future. They said it was perfect timing and it was indeed ready to be pumped! It was interesting to watch them at work… when I asked “well how does it look?” I think it was Samuel that replied “y’all gotta quit pooping so much!” My husband and I cracked up! They also left us with the enzymes to put in the system every month to ensure safe pooping in the future… lol! If y’all need anything septic related this is the company you need to call… you won’t be disappointed!

 by Ben and Donna Sexton
Great Service and Great Pricing

We had Shamrock come to Ellijay and pump our tank while we were at work. Throughout the process, the crew kept me updated on their progress and alerted me to any concerns that they noticed. When all was said and done, we were able to come up with a treatment plan until the next pump. I appreciate them going the extra mile and at such a price that was considerably lower than other local companies.

 by Ed Izor

We were highly pleased with the service provided. Everyone was very professional and helpful with tips to keep our septic system in good working order. They were prompt and efficient. We would highly recommend them.

 by Patrick Allen
Excellent service, work and care

I can't say thank you enough to the whole team at Shamrock for their professionalism, expert work, efficiency and care. They took care of the house issues brilliantly. I can recommend them without reservation and with all my gratitude.

 by R Bryant
Thank you Shamrock!!

I got Shamrock's name from a referral and they did a fantastic job! Cathy, Noah, and the guys on the job were all very professional and had our best interest in mind throughout the time they worked for us. I will not hesitate to call them again in the future whenever we have any septic service needs, and I will definitely recommend them to others. Thank you Shamrock!!

 by Roy Alejandro
Excellent and professional service

My house, as backing up really bad and wouldn't flush anymore. I was able to get shamrock to come to the house and see if they could unclog the pipes, turned out I had a rooting problem and they were able to call in reinforcements, empty septic, and clear out the problem. Both of the Guys who came to the house were very professional and respectful. They also took the time to explain the steps and what they had to do beforehand, I found this very helpful as it provided with some guidance on how to maintain a healthier septic tank. I highly recommend this company. (all of this was done on a Sunday and prices were affordable and reasonable for emergency services)

 by Joanna
Exceptional company to do business with

Shamrock Septic located our septic tank at our cabin in Murphy, dug it up, emptied it & added risers (highly recommend this). Richard & Randy were extremely knowledgeable, educated us on everything & did an outstanding job. Cathy in the office was able to explain the upcoming appt & what to expect. I am extremely impressed with the service & work Shamrock Septic did at our family cabin. Thank you so much & I will be referring your company to everyone I know. Joanna

 by Larry Sluder
Excellent Service

Excellent service. Two men came in the morning and dug out the two lids. They put all the dirt on tarps so it didn't damage the yard. Later that day they came and pumped out the tank. When finished they filled the holes back in. I would definitely use them again.

 by Paul Hayward
Excellent service

I knew it was time to have our septic system checked since it had not been done in years. I'm glad I did because our septic tank was full and could have backed up any time. I found Shamrock Septic Services in the Yellow Pages and checked the reviews on their website. I agree with all the very positive comments others have made. I called one day and they came the next. In addition to pumping out the tank, they gave me good advice about how to avoid problems. I was very happy with their service.


The job was done perfectly and professionally. The team was on time, friendly, cordial and extremely knowledgeable. They began to locate the tank and did so in minimum time. Once found, they dug it up, raised the lid and found a slight stoppage, which was all it really needed. But at my request they brought out the large hoses and completely drained the tank; which would last for years and years.

But this service was only the tip of the problems I was having. Today I lost my loving brother to leukemia which was more than I could bear. They were tender and remorseful and said they would keep him in their prayers.

In this company I not only found a highly determined and professional team, but more than that, wonderful people that I could get to know as friends. I highly recommend them for any of their services and guarantee you would not be disappointed. In every respect they were the answer to my prayers.

 by Kristi Bradshaw
Would definitely recommend to others

I had a very good experience with Shamrock and would recommend them to anyone. The owner was very knowledgeable and did what it took to get the job done. The owner and an employee came out. Based off what we told him was happening, when he took the lid off that we were able to uncover he told us what he suspected the issue was (a root problem with either the inlet or outlet). He pumped the septic tank and did a flush test, however nothing came into the tank so that meant the issue was with the inlet. Our septic tank is up under a porch and camper and of course the end we were able to uncover by taking up some of the boards on the porch was the outlet side!! After pumping and rinsing out the tank the owner got down in the tank thru a very small opening to see if he could remove the roots from the inlet. He couldn't get his hands in the inlet because the septic tank lid was on top of it, but he was successfully able to chisel out some of the inlet in a way to allow the matter to flow thru. Thank you so much Mr. Sims and Shamrock!!!

 by Kyle Kennedy
Really Professional and Fast

After some of the recent discussion on my neighborhood website regarding Septic systems, I thought it was time to find out what was happening with my system. We moved in to a house with a septic system in 2011, and I didn't even know where the tank was located. I had a rough drawing from the Health department from 1995, but it had no dimensions marked relative to the house. Shamrock Septic Service (706-492-2028) was recommended by a neighbor. Shamrock guys Randy and Josh came in, located my tank, dug up the access lid, told me the tank was in good shape and didn't need pumped, fixed the broken discharge baffel, and taught me a lot! They put it all back together and were done in less than 30 minutes! Really, that was the best $198 I have spent in a long time. I can sleep better knowing that we won't have any smelly issues anytime soon, and that we are not causing pollution in the river system. Key things we are doing that help: No flushing baby wipes or sanitary supplies EVER, use septic safe toilet paper (Charmin is a no-no) No excessive bleach in Laundry, and limit number of loads when you use bleach, don't use a kitchen disposal, and don't put bacon/meat grease down the sink. Maybe we can go another 6 years before we need servicing, at this rate!

 by Joe Keffer
Satisfied customer watchful evaluator

Sims is a true professional, dedicated to this necessary work. He is skilled with decades of experience. Found my septic tank, both ends, promptly and efficiently. This was a preventive maintainence job and he corrected several impending problems before my eyes, convincing me that this was a wise investment. He is my man from here on.

 by Sara Lawson
Would recommend to others!

We selected Shamrock based on reviews we had read on other sites. They did a great job! Very friendly, prompt and quick, and left no mess. Would use again!

 by T. Heeres
Excellent client care

We had bubbling lines and sewer smells from the drains. Randy came out after a long day of calls, located and dug the line. Due to the time of day, he came a couple of days later and made a full repair. He made certain that we understood the issue. He was very professional and an all around nice guy! We would not hesitate to use or recommend Shamrock in the future.

 by Brenda
Customer for life!😝

What a great experience having our septic located, pumped and filter cleaned out!

You say great experience? Yes! Professional, patient and allowed me to watch and

ask 50+ questions!😝 They even took extra precautions to ease my worries about our concrete driveway. This momma will sleep well at night now! You gotta do your maintenance! Richard and Jeremy are the example of what is right with this world in with this world! Professional, courteous, funny and kind! Thank you!

 by Joe Licata
Professional and trustworthy

These days it is sometimes hard to find quality workmanship and courteous service. Shamrock provides both, while being honest and upfront about what needed to be done. I would recommend their services to anyone and will definitely use them in the future when the need arises.

 by Leslie Lamb
Wonderful, perfect help!

My rental house septic tank backed up into the basement and left my tenants with a terrible (but relatively small) mess and bad odor filling the house. Richard's was the only company that was able to come over the day that I called. It was a heroic effort on his and his helper's part as the site was difficult and the tank deep in the ground. Now my tenants are happy and all is well, thanks to Shamrock. My tenant said they were professional, courteous, did a great job with the yard and very helpful filling her in on what needed to be done to maintain the tank well. I was very impressed with them as well, esp. with Richard keeping me informed. We love this company and highly recommend it to everyone. When it comes to maintenance, we'll be calling them again. I'm very grateful and send thanks!

 by LJ
Some of the best folks with whom to work

It's never fun when one has septic tank issues. I called around to get quotes and an idea of service. Richard Sims was fantastic. He took so much time to explain the ins and outs of septic tank needs and problems. I wasn't sure where my tank was located, he founded it within a couple minutes. Clean, courteous, quiet, got the job done at a pretty decent rate. I will use Shamrock Septic Services from now on.